Saturday, 12 February 2011


About 5 or 6 years ago the Klezmer band chap and I were in (Klunk) played at the wedding of Helen Ivory and Martin Figura - both poets. I did wonder at the time what the home-life of a pair of poets would be like. Metaphors, wit and concepts over the washing up? The odd ode or stanza dedicated to daily functions? I reckon it'd be rather lovely.

Anyway. I have never been into poetry. It's not that I do not enjoy how it plays - I do - no it's because I can't read very well and my auditory function is disabled. My barrier to poetry means the stuff I do encounter tends to be read aloud and I can never get past the first two lines before I'm extrapolating and have stopped receiving.

However, recently chap encountered Martin somewhere (chap described this somewhere as a stop everything bad and promote everything good 'thing' - he's not a poet) and chap returned with a little book of poems by Martin called, 'Boring the arse off young people'. And chap read it and chap clearly enjoyed it. I know when chap is enjoying things because he shares them. So, this was recited to me first thing this morning.

Talking (by Martin Figura)

I just talk too much I talk too much
never shut up if you cut me in half
with a spade I'd continue to talk
for up to nearly an hour from both ends
I'm more send than receive have never
had an unexpressed thought in my life
the path behind me is littered
with the hind legs of donkeys
those times when you should just shut up
that's when I talk even more let it tumble out
no matter how incriminating
there would be no need to tie me to a chair
and slap a rubber hose into the palm of your hand
for I will sing like a canary at the politest enquiry
tell you more about myself than you ever wanted to know
give up my own children just for a chat
in fact I can guarantee that the most hardened torturer
will soon be sewing up my mouth
to stop me telling him what I know
but I shall only rip my mouth open
spit out my tattered bleeding lips
and what I don't know I don't let worry me
for I never let lack of knowledge get in the way
of giving an opinion why should I
I've a habit of repeating myself
I've a habit of repeating myself
that was pretty obvious right,
but you try talking non-stop
and not saying something pretty obvious along the way
and if you're one of those quiet people that just looks
then you're just asking for it without actually asking
if you see what I mean but you can't just stand
and look at each other right
and if you're not going to say something then I have to
simple as that simple as that so it's your own fault
don't glaze over when I'm talking to you
if you want this poem to stop sometime
in the next hour then for God's sake
do something useful
go fetch a spade

Bloody brilliant. So now my introverted chap is using somebody else's well crafted and witty poetry to tell his extraverted wife to shut up. And first thing in the morning before I have even warmed up to full force.

So, at this point I have decided I like poetry - certainly the funny stuff. (Am I coming across as a little flighty?) So I pick the little book up and enjoy this.....

Acrostic (by Martin Figura)

Now the birds sing
I am gifted each
Clear note

The start of each day
Is your song, your scent
This heaven
Sweet and sure

....all on my own and with an 'out loud' giggle.


  1. I blinked and missed your last few posts MollyP, so I'll have to backtrack a little. I guess it's winter and time for you to be prolific again.

    I love poetry even though I struggle to understand it sometimes (most times).

    Go on Molly P, have a go at writing one and I promise not to giggle...unless it's funny.

  2. ken lol its ok, poetry is all for the person writing it, and usually not for the person reading, unless the person reading is well versed in all the meanings of the used words. and in the context etc. youll learn!! its all perception and interpretation, like everything in the universe.

  3. Of course Ken there was always my poo poem!

    Poo Poem

  4. Hey, I really enjoyed that poetry!..Brilliant.

  5. I left a comment here the other day but it seems to have disappeared! Martin has been in working with my class for the past few weeks and we did a great poetry showcase last Thursday. In the morning he performed the "Talking" poem for the children at great speed, it was ace!
    That acrostic poem made me laugh too!

  6. Oh and your poo poem is a true masterpiece!

  7. That was brilliant!! I'm not a huge poetry fan but I absolutely loved The Wild Party by Joseph Moncure March....

    His woman at present was Mae.
    She was blonde, and slender, and gay:
    A passionate flirt,
    So dumb that it hurt,
    And better for night than for day

    Really, you gotta love any poem that describes someone as so dumb that it hurt!!

    C x

  8. I heard a poem at a family BBQ last summer. Aunt Grace, though 90, infirm and blind, recited it as if she was on stage, with real passion.

    It's on the road to nowhere,
    Travellers pass it by
    Nobody comes to Norfolk
    Without a reason why.

    When God made Norfolk County
    He showed his perfect art
    Within her proud fair body
    He hid a golden heart.

    So come and visit Norfolk
    Bide 'till her spell is cast
    Then once you've learned to love her
    You'll love her to the last.

  9. Blu - glad to have provided some entertainment albeit via someone else's stuff.

    I can imagine he's a pretty good performer of what he writes! Great stuff for the Kids. my favourite lines are:

    I'm more send than receive have never
    had an unexpressed thought in my life
    (because that's the condition of the extravert so well explained!)
    the path behind me is littered
    with the hind legs of donkeys (because I like things that have a delay before a dawning!)

    Carol.....thank you sweetypie. My dumbness hurts sometimes! it. I think Norfolk's beauty is an acquired taste.

    I keep going to post something and then not. I think I am exploring the pleasure in not doing much at the moment in my free time!!! Doing nothing used to unsettle me, but it feels OK now since a friend said it was in part one of his aspirations - to do very little (he's not in the least lazy - just full of quiet energy!)

    No doubt I'll have more to say soon! I get the feeling I will be learning heaps in my new job - in fact I already have.


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