Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Five Food Qs

Ok here are some questions about food. I'd love to hear any passer-bys' answers.....

1) Would you rather go 24 hours without food or sleep?

2) If you had to choose three of the following foods as weapons in a food fight, which would you choose:

•A jug of gravy
•A can of squirting cream
•10 cheese squares
•A bottle of cola
•Twenty soggy tea bags
•A giant sausage
•A bottle of ketchup
•A bucket of grapes
•A bunch of bananas
•A box of eggs
•A bag of brussel sprouts
•A packet of crackers
•A bag of flour
•Some stinky blue cheese
•Some bacon
•Tomato soup
•Six Yorkshire puddings
•A bag of frozen peas
•Chocolate sauce
•Pickled onions
•A large pumpkin
•A bag of jam doughnuts
•A packet of butter
•A pot of cottage cheese

3) If you had to eat one of the following foods all day (and it was the only food you were allowed) which would you choose?

•mashed potato
•cottage cheese
•buttered toast
•white fish

4) If you could design a your perfect food,

a) what would it have the texture of?
b) what would it have the taste of?
c) what would it have the smell of?
d) what temperature would it be served at?
e) how would it be eaten (spoon, fork, cut by a knife, served as finger food, eaten from your hand, drunk through a straw, pulled through your teeth, squirted into your mouth etc)
f) What colour would it be?

5) List as many foods that you do not like that come to mind easily.


  1. And then I went off and ate something.

  2. 1) Without food. When I was in my early 20s, I would have said sleep.

    2) squirty cream...of course, a giant sausage (how could I not?) and pickled onions (because I would be competitive and they are playing a bit dirty with all that vinegar). Anyone wanna fight?

    3) I think it would have to be banana (although buttered toast comes a close second)

    a)smoked salmon
    b)cottage cheese
    c) freshly baked bread
    d) warm (not hot)
    e) shovelled in with a spoon
    f) Purple - for novelty

    5) Marzipan, mussels, fatty/gristly meat, broad beans.

  3. Well I have done the sleep thing:I used to have a job were I worked 24hr with 10 off for 3 weeks at a time & I never knew the date!
    Coca cola, flour & eggs as weapons (not forgetting a box of matches)
    Cannot answer the rest have been over taken by extreme hunger, cat-cha later honey ;)

  4. 1) Er, I have a habit of forgetting both at times. Probably food though, going without much sleep gets harder with age.

    2) Flour, custard and jam doughnuts. Clearly the obvious choice for any battle ready food fighter!

    3) Banana. Well as long as they were always ripe and didn't have any of those nasty brown bruised bits. Otherwise I'd go for the fish.

    4) Pork Pie. It would just be Pork Pie.

    5) Cheese (except on Pizza, unless there is too much cheese then I don't like it), Cabbage, Sprouts, Marmite.

  5. 1) Without food

    2) Can of squirty cream, bottle of cola and bag of brussel sprouts.

    3) Argh, extreme toss up between Banana and Buttered Toast. I'm going to plump for buttered toast, but I think I would usually say Banana.

    4) a) Texture of crunchy cereal with cold milk.
    b) Taste of chocolate custard
    c) Strawberries.
    d) 11 degrees C
    e) Spoon. (Probably necessary given the texture.)
    f) Any colour except blue.

    5) Mustard, Meat, raw brussel sprouts, raw mushrooms, wasabi.

  6. You interesting, interesting woman.

    1. Without sleep. (can do fairly easily)

    2. Eggs, stinky cheese, and gravy. Slick and smelly. That's how I fight.

    3. Porridge. I really could have that be a daily meal.

    4. My perfect food would be hot, homemade. Might have some lumps (further proof of home-maded-ness). It would be best consumed with a fork, but a spoon wouldn't be out of place. A knife would be right out. Northerners would add a touch of sugar to it, but Southerners would add salt and pepper. It would smell like home and when people saw you eating it, they would offer you their favorite on-hand item for a bite. Which I would give them, because I'm nice like that.

    5. Hardboiled eggs, liver. (I pretty much like everything.)


  7. Some of your questions didn't include all the necessary options.....

    1) Sex (but no more than 24 hours)
    2) Tasmanian poison-tipped rocket bamboo
    3) Beer
    4) Wine, wine, wine, room temperature, drink, red.

  8. I reckon we should meet in a large wooden vat and have a food fight. I think the odds would be:
    Heron's View 5:1 (reckon finishings would hurt)
    Andy C 10:1 (slightly soft foods although the rules might mean you were in with a chance - doughnuts are hard not to eat)
    Leilai 6:1
    Pearl 3:1
    Mark: 2:1 (that sounds scary)
    Molly 3:1 becasue I will have practised hard.

    The rules are:

    1) If any food lands on the referee after a contestant has thrown it, it’s a free throw to the other contestant.
    2) Any food landing in the audience can be thrown back at the contestants.
    3) A contestant wins by slipping over the least number of times, when their opponent gives in or if their opponent swallows something.

  9. There were far too many choices, and questions. All I remember is spitting my tea everywhere at the notion of a jug full of gravy in a food fight. That will henceforth be my weapon of choice when I am challenged to a duel; a not uncommon occurrence!


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