Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My new books are out...Yay!

My latest books are out. They are called Even More Outside the Box (two books: for ages 7-9 and 9-11) and are full of more bonkers ideas (just a couple of examples below)

Even More Outside the Box for ages 7-9 is dedicated to my brother:

Even More Outside the Box for ages 9-11 is dedicated to my sister:

Two examples of the kind of activities in them.......


  1. These are great.
    Where on earth do you find the time to do all these amazing things?
    I love them.
    I'm sure kids will love them.
    What a lot of fun.
    Well done Ms Potter.

  2. Congratulations! Looks fantastic!

  3. Great stuff. Hey, are those books sold in boxes, you know, to be ironic?

  4. How cool, Molly!! Congratulations -- you are my hero!


  5. Congrats and Good Luck! I'm sure both kids and parents will love these books.

  6. Well done again Mrs. Prolific!!!

    Thank you for my dedication - it's a shame my driven-ness hasn't got me very far yet - I think I might be driving in the wrong direction.

    Or do you have another secret big sister who works in the City?

  7. P.S. I love the idea of selling the books in boxes!

  8. Hi Molly P for prolific!
    You really DO write books!
    I am impressed in an impressed sort of way.
    I guess I'll have to wait two months for age55-65 and you'll have to call it inside the box cos' I very nearly am.

  9. Clipster – why thank you......I LOVE making up ideas and once I’m in mode....they come thick and fast.

    Breeze – thank you.

    Eric – Were you around when I did the box post? Sort of up your street...I looked and you were. I have a tricky relationships with the inside of boxes, going with the grain, mainstreaming...mostly because I can’t find it.

    Fanx Pearl - shucks, cheek to shoulder, cheeky grin, blush, received with a glow.

    Thank you too DUTA. When I taught....these were the kind of things I used to do with my classes – when I could get away with them....sadly not everyone sees the value in bonkers creativity.

    Claire...fanx....Well there’s Claire Louise (you) and Claire McFlare (your twin) who can drive and works in the city. You will have to share the adjectives.

    Ken D......OK I’ll do you an Inside the Box for ages 55 to 65. Mostly colouring in I should think with penalties for going over the lines, perhaps a little bit about ironing and smart dress, possibly a bit about health and safety and how to merge with the crowd...sort of where’s Wally but where Wally just cannot be found, river drawing- going with the flow, might spice it up with some lesser known conventions, maybe a choice of boxes to get in, with the grain ruler use practice, that kind of thing


  10. I would like to order the boxed set for ages 55-65 in advance. I enclose my 10/- postal order.

  11. Phwoar, Claires got really nice eyes...
    (how accurate are your drawings? I was a bit drunk last time I met her.)

    well done old stick, you're bloody clever.

  12. Clippy Mat...that was so funny. All the best wit comes from the North-East.

    Molly P, thank you so much but I fear even your speed will prove too slow. I'm sinking fast and need that choice of boxes NOW!

  13. Typejunky - in real life my eyes are amazing! If you see me sober next time you are going to want to marry me!

  14. Clipster - nutty randomator

    Nick - I didn't do the drawings - a chap called Antonio Papaleo did - he's a colleague's husband. Not sure they do Claire's eyes genuine justice. I amazed that people can keep their hands off her.

    Ken D - I'll have Inside the Box written in a jiffy. I suspect it will be easier than Outsdie the Box.

    Claire - he was only messing when he said he wanted to marry me....all nervous and jittery such that the words came out wrong. They always want YOU really. Story of my life....


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